Each Build offers in-depth insights into two topics of interest to the building and construction industry.


Feature section: Resilience

Build 178

The building industry has always been subject to the forces of the market and the environment, but now add a global pandemic that has brought everything to a halt. Being resilient will help businesses get through this crisis, recover and prepare for the future.


Feature section: Why science matters

Build 178

We’re turning to science currently to control the pandemic facing the world. Science has always been at the heart of BRANZ, and this continues as we grow building knowledge and find solutions to ensure New Zealanders can live in healthier, more resilient buildings and communities.


Feature section: Making housing affordable

Build 177

Governments everywhere are working on providing affordable housing, but it remains a gnarly problem with no easy solutions.


Feature section: Managing risk

Build 177

The building and construction industry is risky and can be litigious. Better risk allocation and good communication between parties to solve problems before they get out of hand will help minimise risk.


Feature section: BRANZ 50th anniversary

Build 176

For half a century, BRANZ has been helping industry and government tackle building issues through quality science and a range of testing services. The result is warmer, drier, healthier and safer buildings for New Zealanders.


Feature section: Building materials

Build 176

Building materials are evolving. Innovative new products are on the horizon, alongside some re-engineered traditional materials. A major driver of change is to reduce their impact on the environment.


Feature section: Changing face of building

Build 175

The New Zealand building industry is transforming as prefabrication, medium-density housing and new building technologies overtake old systems and techniques.


Feature section: Tech matters

Build 175

As with pretty much every aspect of our lives, technology is changing the construction industry for the better. It’s providing opportunities to make our cities smarter and our workers safer and transforming the methods and materials used.


Feature section: Climate change

Build 174 , 156

The changing climate will have a big impact on the built environment in terms of where we build and how we build. What can we do to mitigate the impacts and prepare for the changes?


Feature section: Modern construction methods

Build 174

Advances in technology and automation have created new methods of construction that the industry is embracing. With the increase in substantial parts of buildings coming from overseas, issues around fitness for use and compliance are causing some headaches.