Each Build offers in-depth insights into two topics of interest to the building and construction industry.


Feature section: Building quality

Build 166

The perceived lack of quality of our buildings, both inside and outside the industry, occupies plenty of minds. Is it due to shoddy workmanship? What role does the designer play? Should homeowners be more demanding? We tease out some answers.


Feature section: Exteriors and interiors

Build 166

Not only are the colours and claddings used in buildings changing, but the functions of things like paints are growing. We look at these and ask whether E2/AS1 needs updating so the design solutions better reflect today’s living trends.


Feature section: Medium-density housing

Build 165

As councils move to raise limits on medium-density housing in urban environments, plenty of work is needed at research and regulatory levels around factors such as fire ratings and noise levels.


Feature section: The future is now

Build 165

It’s hard to keep track of where technology is taking us. It moves so fast, and the new frontiers of artificial intelligence and robotics are already knocking on the construction industry’s door. It’s time to embrace the changes.


Feature section: Cleaning up

Build 164

Construction and demolition waste dominates all rubbish at landfills. There are calls for the industry to reduce this. One way is at the very beginning of a building’s life cycle – during its design.


Feature section: Seismic learnings

Build 164

Earthquake engineering knowledge, technology and regulations continue to evolve, particularly following the damage and loss of life from the Canterbury and Kaikoura quakes.


Feature section: Grand designs

Build 163

It's not size or flashiness that makes a home or building grand. The essential factor it must have is quality in design, functionality and the build standard.


Feature section: National Science Challenges

Build 163

Major research projects are under way as part of the National Science Challenges. These are focusing on significant issues that matter most to New Zealanders, including building better homes, towns and cities.


Feature section: Corrosion and materials degradation

Build 162

BRANZ is helping improve building materials durability by increasing understanding of the causes of corrosion and materials degradation. Much has been learned about metal fasteners in timber, and adhesives are now also under the microscope.


Feature section: Who's building New Zealand?

Build 162

Roles and activities in the construction industry are changing with increasing use of technology and a move to more specialist trades. With the current skills shortage, where could extra people come from?