About Build

Build is BRANZ’s flagship magazine and New Zealand’s premier building industry magazine and information resource. Published every 2 months in hard copy and online, its mission is to inform, educate and challenge builders, architects, designers and others to provide better buildings for New Zealanders. Build contains:

  • quality practical technical information to enhance building design and construction practice
  • impartial findings and advice from independent, unbiased industry research
  • information on topical industry issues including changes in the Building Code and standards, new opportunities and trends.

With a proud 40-year history, Build is well known across the building industry.

BRANZ is an independent research organisation that uses an impartial evidence-based approach to improve the performance of the Aotearoa New Zealand building system. We transform insightful research into trusted, accessible, and actionable knowledge.


At March 2022, the print circulation of Build was 34,209 copies and the readership over 70,000 people right across the building industry.

Complementing this is Build online, which has over 30,000 users each month (see Magazine 360).

Build influences decision makers across the building industry, particularly builders, architects, designers and building officials, but also manufacturers, subcontractors, engineers, building suppliers, education providers, building owners and others.

As well as subscribers, Build is sent to members of organisations and associations including:

  • New Zealand Certified Builders
  • Registered Master Builders Federation
  • Licensed Building Practitioners
  • Building Levy members
  • New Zealand Institute of Architects 
  • Architectural Designers New Zealand
  • Building Officials Institute of New Zealand
  • New Zealand Institute of Building
  • New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors
  • Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation apprentices and many others.

What our readers say

Build magazine carries out regular reader surveys. Comments from respondents in recent Build Readers’ Survey included:

  • 'Quality information in a readable format.'
  • 'Informative, relevant, interesting.'
  • 'Always some great nuggets of information.'
  • 'It is the best magazine by far for all LBPs.'
  • 'Helps keep me up-to-date with the building industry and implement learnings at work.'
  • 'A central point for information in a changing construction industry.'
  • 'A brilliant publication. Absolute must read.'
  • 'Enjoy reading magazine and using Build online to search for previous topics.'
  • 'Very interesting, helpful, thought provoking.'
  • 'Look forward to receiving Build – keep hard copies for reference.'
  • 'Build magazine has always been a must read.'

Cover features for 2022–23

Build 190 June/July 2022 – Achieving quality / Maintenance

Build 191 August/September 2022 – Fire safety / Procurement

Build 192 October/November 2022 – Resilience 

Build 193 Dec 2022/Jan 2023 – Sustainability / Health and safety

Build 194 Feb/March 2023 – Legislation and you / Innovation

Build 195 April/May 2023 – Wellbeing / Densification