Each Build offers in-depth insights into two topics of interest to the building and construction industry.

Build198 feature 2 hero

Feature section: Fire

Build 198

Urban densification is causing problems for firefighters as
access becomes an issue.

Build198 feature 1 hero

Feature section: Innovation

Build 198

There’s no time to stand still as innovative new technology changes the face of the industry, with AI the new big thing.

Build197 Feature Hero

Feature section: Building resilience

Build 197

Industry and communities are coming together to prepare for the future.

Build197 Feature2 Hero

Feature section: System transformation

Build 197

Change is never easy, but it’s essential to future-proof Aotearoa’s building and construction industry.

Build196 Feature Hero

Feature section: Adapting to climate change

Build 196

To deal with the consequences of climate change, we must build back better.

Build195 Feature One Hero

Feature section: Densification

Build 195

Densification is changing the face of our communities. Although there are detractors, most agree it is necessary for a low-carbon future.

Build195 Feature Two Hero

Feature section: Wellbeing

Build 195

Sharing problems with workmates helps lighten the load when
down in the dumps.

Build194 Feature One Hero3

Feature section: Innovation

Build 194

Innovative technologies and new ways of thinking offer exciting
possibilities for our construction sector.

Build194 Feature One Hero2

Feature section: Legislation and you

Build 194

There's a raft of new regulations to get your head around with more on the way.

Build193 Feature Two Hero

Feature section: Health and safety

Build 193

Tradies are being taught they shouldn't have to suffer the aches
and pains that typically seem to come with the job.