Each Build offers in-depth insights into two topics of interest to the building and construction industry.

B183 Wellbeing

Feature section: Building for wellbeing

Build 183

Understanding of the relationship between wellbeing and the built environment is growing, both in research and practice.

B183 Weathertightness

Feature section: Weathertightness

Build 183

While some of the issues have been resolved, leaky buildings haven’t yet gone away in New Zealand.


Feature section: Material durability

Build 182

Building materials must be durable and stand the test of time. Research into how well they cope with our climatic conditions and how to chemically identify substituted materials are two major areas of study.


Feature section: Net-zero carbon buildings

Build 182

There is a clear call to meet the challenges of climate change, and the construction sector needs to respond now by moving to net-zero carbon design.

B181 Healthy

Feature section: Healthy homes

Build 181

All New Zealanders should be able to live in warmer, drier, healthier homes. BRANZ is at the forefront in working to achieve this with its research integral to making positive change.


Feature section: Let's talk building controls

Build 181

The building control system ensures our buildings meet certain minimum safety and quality requirements.


Feature section: Fire

Build 180

The fire performance of building façades is a hot topic. Recent work has improved our understanding of how to test their fire performance, particularly in taller timber buildings, and is investigating other fire risks in buildings and fire safety in densified housing.


Feature section: Ventilation

Build 180

Our buildings are changing and so is the ventilation required to keep them healthy. Factors like airtightness, location, climate and occupant use all play an important part.


Feature section: Building better

Build 179

New Zealanders suffer from our poor-quality residential building stock. BRANZ is among those looking at ways to eliminate this problem by taking a whole-of system approach to understand why this is the case.

Mid Rise

Feature section: Mid-rise housing

Build 179

Mid-rise housing continues to grow in popularity, accounting for over 40% of new residential consents in 2019.