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Becoming a licensed building practitioner adds a further responsibility – licence holders must keep up their skills and knowledge through continuous professional development.

Skills maintenance points must be acquired and submitted to the Registrar at least every 2 years. The number of points needed varies between licence classes (see Table 1).

If you hold two or more licences, you need to complete the higher point allocation. For example, if you are licensed in carpentry and site area of practice 2, you will require 36 points.

What activities earn points?

Anything from reading to on-the-job training can earn points. While you can choose the activities that best suit your needs and the requirements of your licence class, the activities must inform you about relevant issues, such as changes to the Building Code, building materials, design technologies and good design and building practices.

Table 1: Skills maintenance points LBPs need every 2 years.
Licence Points over 2 years
Carpentry, brick and blocklaying, external plastering, foundations and roofing 24
Site and design – area of practice 1 30
Site and design – areas of practice 2 and 3 36

One hour of learning equals one skills maintenance point. Points for different approved activities are should on They include:

  • reading, for example, reading Build earns 1 point per issue
  • attending seminars, workshops, conferences and trade events
  • inductions
  • on-the-job training
  • formal study
  • supervising apprentices – a formal arrangement is required for this
  • other activities approved by the Registrar.

Record your skills maintenance

Points can be recorded using:

  • the licensed building practitioner online system (see
  • a work diary, with the record of skills maintenance form updated yearly.

When your annual relicensing is due, the Registrar will attach the record of skills maintenance form.

Keep evidence of new skills

The Department of Building and Housing might want to see evidence of your skills maintenance, so keep receipts and other evidence for at least 2 years. Evidence you might keep could include:

  • certificates or records of learning for tertiary education
  • an email, fax or letter from the person who organised or paid for the activity
  • a page printed out from a website
  • a handout or meeting agenda
  • a photocopy of a DVD cover
  • a seminar flyer or notice
  • details on publications or materials you have read – such as the issue and title
  • documentation about on-the-job training such as induction, mentoring or supervising an apprentice.

Advantages of using LBP online

Apart from using the LBP online system to update your skills maintenance, you can use it to:

  • update your personal details, for example, your address, email and phone number
  • relicense online, including automated licensing and payment by credit card.

While you don’t have to use it, the LBP online system is easy, and there is no paperwork to mail back when relicensing.

To get access, when you first log on you need to create an igovt account, which will be your username and password. You will need these details every time you log on so keep them safe.

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