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Annemarie Crampton 17
Annemarie Crampton 17

POOR BUILDING QUALITY is a regular talking point across the media, the industry and here at BRANZ. This isn’t new. We have been hearing it for years, but the voices are getting louder, and the drive to change stronger. Recent publicity around the annual NZIA awards showed that quality is achievable. It now needs to become more evident in all that we design and build.

Build joins the voices in this issue (see pages 44–69) summarising findings from recent research and providing practical advice on building better. Meeting the Building Code assures compliance, but as we have said before, we need to go above Building Code minimums to achieve quality buildings – buildings that are durable, functional and perform well.

Our drive for quality also applies to Build. We are continually looking to improve and ensure Build fulfils its purpose of inspiring the industry to provide better buildings for New Zealanders.

Thank you to the over 900 readers who completed the 2018 Build readers’ survey. Build has a proud 40-year history, so it is fantastic to get positive feedback showing it continues to be relevant, valued and useful to the industry.

In the survey, Build was rated as essential, very useful or useful by 98% of respondents. The technical advice, pointers for good practice and research highlights provided are obviously used by many. Survey highlights show that, over the last 12 months:

  • one-third of respondents applied something they learned from Build
  • nearly three-quarters kept Build articles for future reference
  • 70% discussed an article with others.

With a readership of over 70,000, that translates to Build having asignificant positive impact on the building industry. Of course, wecan do better, and I welcome the constructive feedback and ideas.

I hope you will think about the ideas and advice in this Build and use it in your work. Wouldn’t it be great if the media was filled with positive stories of quality workmanship and high-performing buildings? Then we would indeed be doing a quality job that we could all be proud of.

Annemarie Crampton

Build Editor

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Annemarie Crampton 17
Annemarie Crampton 17