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BRANZ’s streamlined Maintenance Schedules tool makes it even easier for builders to tailor information for a client to their individual property.

GIVING HOMEOWNERS a maintenance schedule when their new build or renovation project is completed is mandatory. It provides them with important information to help keep their house in good repair for years to come.

Now a legal requirement

Consumer protection measures in the Building Act and relevant regulations require builders to provide their clients with certain information when building work is complete. This includes details of the maintenance necessary to meet Building Code durability requirements and requirements in product guarantees or warranties.

Easy to copy schedules

The free BRANZ Maintenance Schedules tool lets builders meet these legal requirements by creating a maintenance schedule for their clients. After a significant upgrade, it is now more intuitive and user friendly.

BRANZ has listened to feedback from users who said they wanted to make copies of their existing schedules so they didn’t have to keep creating each new schedule from scratch.

As a result, builders can now use schedules they’ve already created to make a set of templates, then tailor these to each new client’s build or renovation project. The templates can be tagged as favourites so they can be easily found.

Interactive workspace added

Schedules can also be received into the workspace from other Maintenance Schedules users, then copied and tailored to each new client’s build or renovation project.

An interactive workspace lets users manage the schedules they’ve created and those received from other Maintenance Schedules users.

Searching and sorting can be carried out in the workspace, as well as functions such as copying, sending to other Maintenance Schedules users and deleting old schedules.

The Maintenance Schedules tool is free to use – all that is needed to get started is to create a MyBRANZ user profile.

For more

Further information about how to use the Maintenance Schedules tool, including the Help video and the Help tab, is available at

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