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Heat, insulate and ventilate


I felt compelled to write having read the article Combating internal moisture in Build 151.

There is no mention of insulation in the article!

In my experience, the problem of condensation can only be eradicated by a three-pronged approach – heating, insulation and ventilation. If one is missing you will find it difficult to solve the problem. I am an experienced building surveyor based in Christchurch originally from the UK. I have rented several new properties and inspected a few too.

It’s plain to me what is required in new houses in the Canterbury region. Better insulation, some form of efficient heating system, larger mechanical extraction and background ventilation.

To coin a Kiwi phrase, ‘Simple as.’ 


Comment Thanks for your email. We totally agree with your approach and the importance of insulation and heating. In recent years, improving insulation levels in houses has received lots of attention. In these Build articles, we wanted to highlight the role of effective ventilation and to share some recent BRANZ research and the advice from this to help build better buildings.

Clarifying retentions

In Build 151 News (page 17), we had a story on the Construction Contracts Amendment Act 2015. We would like to clarify the third paragraph in this.

Payers will have to pay the full amount of retentions when they are due or they could be found in breach of the trust. The trust requirement will apply from 31 March 2017 to retention money withheld under commercial construction contracts.


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