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Annemarie Crampton 20
Annemarie Crampton 20

AS YOU SETTLE into another year, I hope you take the time to read through the range of articles in this issue of Build. Staying up to date with changes in the industry and learning about better ways of doing things can be the difference between success and failure or a building that performs well and one that doesn’t.

We often tackle tricky junction details in Build, and this issue, we have the construction sequence for a particularly tricky dormer roof junction detail. There are also some design pointers to ensure wall bracing performs at its best in light timber-framed houses. These bracing distribution recommendations have come out of BRANZ’s engineering research to understand how the bracing in light timber-framed buildings dealt with the forces in the Canterbury earthquakes.

Our features take us from towns to cities and then on to managing building sites. Good urban and suburban design is the key to creating healthy and vibrant places. We find out the best places in New Zealand to live and do business and what they have in common. The districts with biggest expected population growth are revealed – these will have an associated high demand for housing. We look at current urban design issues and trends and examples of two developments near Christchurch that have integrated Māori urban design elements.

If you are a licensed building practitioner, your compulsory skills maintenance reading is Suspensions – it's your choice and Business tools and tricks. If not, you may still find the article on business tools and tricks from a quantity surveying perspective interesting.

We also have a request for feedback from those in the industry who have experience with engineered wood products. You can help a BRANZ project improve understanding of where and how these are being used in New Zealand and ultimately the development of guidelines for their use.

So, grab yourself a coffee and dive into Build. There will be something for everyone.

Annemarie Crampton
Build Editor

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Annemarie Crampton 20
Annemarie Crampton 20