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Returning to site after lock down

By BRANZ 1 June 2020, Build 178

When returning to a building site after it has been in lockdown, it is important to know the safety requirements for you and others on site. After any period away, think about the building materials exposed to the weather. Some may have been damaged or exceeded their exposure limits. This can affect building consents, Building Code compliance and product warranties.

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Don’t forget the little guys

By Grant Florence 1 August 2020, Build 179

The government’s big infrastructure spend is good news, but it doesn’t necessarily benefit the small to medium-sized residential building companies doing over 65% of building work. Grant Florence, New Zealand Certified Builders Chief Executive, says this group needs to be heard at the policy table.

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Why science really does matter

By Dr George Slim 1 June 2020, Build 178, Feature article

Is science important? The government thinks so, and that’s why the Prime Minister has a Chief Science Advisor. It is a role that is particularly important as New Zealand, along with the rest of the world, battles COVID-19.

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We must think long term

By Graham Burke 1 October 2020, Build 180

A black swan event like COVID-19 and the rhythms of the political cycle may control when major projects go ahead. This just-in-time mentality needs to change, says Graham Burke, Chair of the New Zealand Construction Industry Council, and the government needs shovel-ready work for whenever the economy demands it.

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COVID and the new normal

By Dael Climo 1 August 2020, Build 179

An unanticipated aspect of COVID-19’s impact on the engineering, construction and building materials sector is that it will hurry up disruptive changes in the industry that have long been necessary.

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