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Perimeter insulation

By Ian Cox-Smith 1 August 2014, Build 143

To help improve our homes, the recently released BRANZ House Insulation Guide now includes thermal performance values for more insulated slab-on-ground flooring options and waffle pod systems.

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Combating internal moisture

By Stephen McNeil 1 December 2015, Build 151, Feature article

Newer homes may be less draughty but concern is growing that they are accumulating too much internal moisture. Ventilation is key, and BRANZ is researching how to keep homes aired, warm and healthy.

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House condition matters

By Vicki White 1 October 2016, Build 156, Feature article

Early results from the latest House Condition Survey indicate the continued presence of mould in over half the properties. This is bad news, as evidence links mould and damp houses with poor health and social wellbeing.

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International research collaboration

By Mark Bassett 1 April 2010, Build 117, Feature article

Working with overseas experts to find solutions to technical problems is an essential part of good building research. Over the years, BRANZ has forged strong international partnerships and brought the benefits home to the New Zealand industry.

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Medium-rise compliance

By Greg Overton 1 June 2016, Build 154, Feature article

Going higher may help to provide much-needed housing, but there are concerns about how to demonstrate compliance when the guidance is often limited to buildings up to 3 storeys.

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