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What the Census shows

By Rosemary Goodyear 1 December 2019, Build 175, Feature article

The recent Census shows our population is growing, becoming more diverse and ageing. This information is valuable to the building industry as these factors play a large part in how and where people want to live.

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A nest to share

By Phil Stewart 1 October 2013, Build 138, Feature article

Building houses that are future-proofed for larger families, multiple generations and aged users is increasingly common internationally and may be one of the next big things in New Zealand home building.

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Extended families need different homes

By John Gray 1 December 2007, Build 103, Feature article

Households are mainly getting smaller, however for social and cultural reasons a growing sector of our population prefer to live in a large household. To meet this demand a Porirua house has been specifically designed for a large Tokelauan family.

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Changing Maori housing

By Jade Kake 1 February 2017, Build 158, Feature article

It’s time to nurture new ways of thinking to achieve the type of housing and communities that iwi need and want. For many Maori, this is on their own land with their wider family group.

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