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Tolerances tables

By Bruce Sedcole 1 June 2021, Build 184

In Build 156 Tolerances tables, we outlined some of the allowable construction tolerances for a quality result. We have now revisited this information and added some more for plasterboard and fibrous plaster, an area that can cause disagreements between contractors and clients.

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Wall underlay installation

By Greg Burn 1 August 2009, Build 113

Wall underlay plays an important role in the weathertightness of exterior wall assemblies in light timber-framed residential buildings, yet often it is poorly installed. Getting it right can be as simple as 1, 2, 3.

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A quick plaster’s often not enough

By Colin Hill 1 August 2012, Build 131, Feature article

With repair work to minor damage on Canterbury houses well under way, some are asking if the repairs are adequate. Sometimes, only cosmetic makeovers have been done when screw fixing of wallboard bracing is needed, writes a Christchurch architect.

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Viewing angles

By Trevor Pringle 1 August 2016, Build 155, Feature article

Is it a quality defect or not? It can be hard to decide, but using these established guidelines and standards will help everyone to view work from the same starting point when checking for defects.

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Bringing corrugated steel inside

By Trevor Pringle 1 August 2003, Build 77

We all know that corrugated steel is most commonly used as a roof or wall cladding, but it can be used in a variety of other ways. This article looks at using corrugated steel as an internal ceiling lining and some potential pitfalls with skillion roofs.

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