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Product a hit

By Dael Climo 1 December 2015, Build 151

New Zealand could emulate Scandinavia and create a first-world economy on the back of value-added timber products. That’s the dream of one entrepreneur who has banked on a product that helps.

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Talking timber

By Dael Climo 1 February 2019, Build 170

BRANZ Structural Engineer David Carradine comes to the role of President of the New Zealand Timber Design Society as the use of engineered timber is expanding here and around the world. He tells Build why this is.

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Resourceful timber

By Nigel Isaacs 1 October 2012, Build 132

Prone to earthquakes and with abundant native timber, New Zealand was quick to adopt timber as a building cladding. It could even replicate stone with design elements such as quoins.

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Seismic testing of schools

By David Carradine 1 February 2017, Build 158, Feature article

Full-scale destructive tests carried out by BRANZ confirmed the seismic performance of some timber-framed school buildings. The results mean cost savings for the Ministry of Education and are useful for other buildings.

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Within tolerance

By Trevor Pringle 1 August 2016, Build 155, Feature article

Construction can’t be perfect all the time, so allowable tolerances have been defined to maintain quality. Here are some of the key tolerances you should work to in order to ensure quality buildings.

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