Fire and passive fire protection

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Combating the growing fire risk

By Grant Pearce 1 October 2019, Build 174, Feature article

Wildfires can threaten homes on the urban-rural fringe, and the risk is growing. Scion is developing research tools to help communities and firefighters, but there are also simple home design considerations that can help protect people and homes.

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Concrete fire spalling

By Robert Jansson 1 June 2014, Build 142, Feature article

Fire spalling can drastically reduce the fire resistance of a concrete structure. During a PhD study, significant differences in spalling behaviour of concrete were found under different test conditions.

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Catch up with Code changes

By Nick Saunders 1 October 2012, Build 132, Feature article

Changes to the Building Code around fire protection aim to give greater certainty to designers and building officials and lead to cost savings, fewer disputes and more creative engineering solutions. So, what’s changed?

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Fire-safe use of timber

By George Hare 1 August 2022, Build 191, Feature article

As the push for more timber construction continues because of its low carbon attributes, further research into the fire safety of timber products is important. Recent BRANZ projects added to the available knowledge.

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