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Selecting roof claddings

By Alide Elkink 1 December 2008, Build 109, Feature article

Given the many design and statutory requirements for roofing, and the large range of claddings available in today’s market, how do we select the right roofing for a building?

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BRANZ weathertightness poster

1 October 2003, Build 78

In the August/September 2002 edition of Build you would have received the BRANZ weathertightness poster. This column takes a detail from the poster and provides a ‘good practice’ solution to it.

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Getting the sequence right

By Trevor Pringle 1 April 2004, Build 81

If work is carried out too early or too quickly it may have to be removed to allow another trade to complete their part, adding costs and delays to the job. Getting the sequence right is crucial for a good job.

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