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Tolerances tables

By Bruce Sedcole 1 June 2021, Build 184

In Build 156 Tolerances tables, we outlined some of the allowable construction tolerances for a quality result. We have now revisited this information and added some more for plasterboard and fibrous plaster, an area that can cause disagreements between contractors and clients.

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Solid floors and floor joists

By Alide Elkink 1 February 2011, Build 122

All timber floors deflect to some degree under load, but a floor that deflects too much when walked on can be disconcerting. Floors rarely fail, but a bouncy floor often indicates a problem with the floor joists.

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Floor slabs with polystyrene pods

By Ian Cox-Smith 1 April 2011, Build 123

The BRANZ House insulation guide details the expected thermal performance for common construction options. It didn’t include the thermal performance of floor slab systems with polystyrene pods, but recent modelling means this data is now available.

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Within tolerance

By Trevor Pringle 1 August 2016, Build 155, Feature article

Construction can’t be perfect all the time, so allowable tolerances have been defined to maintain quality. Here are some of the key tolerances you should work to in order to ensure quality buildings.

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