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Homes that go further

By Lois Easton 1 December 2013, Build 139, Feature article

A new building system is looking to go well beyond the Building Code. It promises quick and accurate off-site construction together with warm, healthy, energy-efficient living and lower running costs for homeowners.

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Sorting out peak performance

By Verney Ryan 1 August 2014, Build 143, Feature article

A vision of combining off-site construction benefits and a high-performing home led to the trial of a new building system and a new way of delivering to the market. Important lessons were learned along the way.

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Hybrid best of both worlds

By Angela Eglinton 1 October 2013, Build 138

Next in the prefab construction series we look at potential hybrid systems on offer – specifically hybrid modules + panel systems – from the benefits of standardisation to allowing for individual design elements.

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Move to modern construction

By David Hindley 1 October 2021, Build 186, Feature article

Imagine an Aotearoa New Zealand where the building consent process is streamlined, houses are built in half the time, quality is higher and vastly less waste is produced. That’s the world of modern manufacturing and construction, and the first parts of it are being delivered right now.

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Innovation and prefabs

By Pamela Bell 1 February 2012, Build 128

As the construction industry faces the challenges and opportunities in Canterbury and beyond, the prefab sector has been thinking long and hard about innovation’s role in productivity, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

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Savings from going digital

By Dermott McMeel 1 October 2015, Build 150, Feature article

Digital fabrication enables precise component manufacture, resulting in improved on site productivity. While it is early days, a potential upside is reduced labour costs and more affordable housing.

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