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Fixings rationalised

By Roger Shelton 1 June 2011, Build 124, Feature article

Fixings are the Achilles heel of timber buildings. Wind and other damaging hazards find the weakest link in the building, and failure will start there. This is almost always the fixings.

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Snow loading

By Roger Shelton 1 June 2011, Build 124, Feature article

The citing of AS/NZS 1170 Structural design actions in December 2008 introduced a number of changes to snow loading on buildings, and these have resulted in changes in NZS 3604.

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Roof design

By Trevor Pringle 1 February 2011, Build 122

Good roof system design is a critical part of a good building. A roof designer must consider cost, performance and appearance, but it’s important to keep a few other factors in mind.

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Code changes

1 October 2011, Build 126

Changes to key Building Code documents dealing with building structure (B1) and weathertightness (E2) came into effect on 1 August 2011.

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Supporting heavy windows

By Stuart Thurston 1 February 2011, Build 122

Heavier windows and drained and vented wall cavities mean loadings from windows are often offset from the timber framing. Recent BRANZ research checked that a modified support bar system can transfer the load back to the framing to prevent problems.

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Allowing for movement

By Trevor Pringle 1 April 2011, Build 123

Almost all building materials move of their own accord. This needs to be allowed for during design and construction or this movement can create problems with the durability of materials and, potentially, the building’s weathertightness.

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