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Multi-storey LTF guidance

By David Carradine 1 February 2020, Build 176, Feature article

Higher-density housing is becoming more common and necessary as our population grows. BRANZ is helping designers with guidance on the specific engineering design methods and requirements for multi-storey light timber-framed buildings.

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Testing at BRANZ

By Mike Reed 1 August 2018, Build 167, Feature article

A full suite of independently audited testing facilities and expertise means BRANZ is uniquely placed to provide assurance that products comply with the New Zealand Building Code.

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The science behind dry walls

By Mark Bassett 1 October 2013, Build 138, Feature article

A BRANZ program has the answers for those keen to understand how vents in cavity walls help keep walls dry. By using this knowledge, keeping it simple and following the 4Ds – drying, deflection, drainage and durability – walls will be weathertight.

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