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Don’t blow me over

By Trevor Pringle 1 February 2015, Build 146

While we can’t change New Zealand’s gusty climate, there’s plenty we can do to minimise its impact. Clever siting of buildings, modifying the landscape and providing shelter in the form of fences and plantings help.

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Reducing noise transfer

By Grant Emms 1 August 2015, Build 149, Feature article

BRANZ investment combined with Scion expertise has developed a new structural connection system for timber-framed multi-residential units that maintains acoustic performance.

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Allowing for movement

By Trevor Pringle 1 April 2011, Build 123

Almost all building materials move of their own accord. This needs to be allowed for during design and construction or this movement can create problems with the durability of materials and, potentially, the building’s weathertightness.

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Multi-storey LTF guidance

By David Carradine 1 February 2020, Build 176, Feature article

Higher-density housing is becoming more common and necessary as our population grows. BRANZ is helping designers with guidance on the specific engineering design methods and requirements for multi-storey light timber-framed buildings.

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