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Deck barriers

By Alide Elkink 1 April 2013, Build 135

Where it’s possible to fall 1.0 m or more from a deck, the Building Code requires a barrier able to withstand all imposed, wind and impact loads. We look at some options.

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Understanding loads

By Roger Shelton 1 October 2014, Build 144

Enquiries to the BRANZ helpline show that the meanings of characteristic strength, capacity, ultimate load and serviceability load are not well understood. We take a look at what the various terms mean.

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Joining roof trusses

By In Ling Ng 1 October 2015, Build 150

Most timber trusses are delivered to site as one-piece building components. However, occasionally they are delivered in sections and must be joined on site. Correct installation of these is critical to maintain the designed load paths.

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Gable end trusses

By In Ling Ng 1 April 2017, Build 159

There have long been questions about whether a single gable end truss is suitable for fixing cladding to and, if so, what is the maximum height before a 2-ply gable end truss is required? For the answer, we look at the design of gable end trusses.

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Using the right stud height

By Roger Shelton 1 June 2018, Build 166

NZS 3604:2011 Timber-framed buildings does not define stud length or height. This is creating some confusion, especially when continuous studs for chimneys or parapets pass intersecting framing. BRANZ has some advice.

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