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Deck barriers

By Alide Elkink 1 April 2013, Build 135

Where it’s possible to fall 1.0 m or more from a deck, the Building Code requires a barrier able to withstand all imposed, wind and impact loads. We look at some options.

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Fixings rationalised

By Roger Shelton 1 June 2011, Build 124, Feature article

Fixings are the Achilles heel of timber buildings. Wind and other damaging hazards find the weakest link in the building, and failure will start there. This is almost always the fixings.

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Understanding loads

By Roger Shelton 1 October 2014, Build 144

Enquiries to the BRANZ helpline show that the meanings of characteristic strength, capacity, ultimate load and serviceability load are not well understood. We take a look at what the various terms mean.

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