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A bridge too far

By Trevor Pringle 1 December 2018, Build 169, Feature article

Escaping heat follows the path of least resistance, flowing from warm areas to cold ones. Reducing the impact of potential thermal bridges in a building will help keep the warmth inside.

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Designing to beat the heat

By Trevor Pringle 1 February 2018, Build 164

Don’t underestimate the importance of good design and orientation in determining how well a home invites in winter sun while dealing with peak summer heat. For established homes, there are also retrofitting options.

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Fire spread from lower roofs

By Kevin Frank 1 April 2018, Build 165, Feature article

It’s important with higher-density housing in urban areas to ensure fire doesn’t spread from a lower roof to an adjacent, taller wall. BRANZ fire researchers are delving into the validity of the current 9 to 5 rule.

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