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Code changes

1 October 2011, Build 126

Changes to key Building Code documents dealing with building structure (B1) and weathertightness (E2) came into effect on 1 August 2011.

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Determination – notice to fix

By Bruce Klein 1 April 2020, Build 177

This is the second article in Build’s new section on MBIE determinations. It looks at lessons from Determination 2019/057: Regarding the issue of a notice to fix for building work carried out without a building consent and over a property boundary.

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Changes ahead for 3604

By David Hindley 1 August 2021, Build 185

The King Kong of building standards is having some serious work done. Updates coming to NZS 3604 will include widening coverage to medium-density housing and helping steer our homes towards the net-zero carbon world of 2050 and beyond.

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