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Slowing the flow

By Ann Galloway 1 April 2021, Build 183

On-site stormwater management for new developments is now a requirement in many jurisdictions. This is what you need to know about options such as detention and retention tanks, soak pits and pervious paving.

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Fire spread from lower roofs

By Kevin Frank 1 April 2018, Build 165, Feature article

It’s important with higher-density housing in urban areas to ensure fire doesn’t spread from a lower roof to an adjacent, taller wall. BRANZ fire researchers are delving into the validity of the current 9 to 5 rule.

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Soak pits

By Alide Elkink 1 April 2017, Build 159

When a soak pit is required, a building consent application with calculations for pit sizing must be lodged. So, how do you make the calculations?

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External fire spread on houses

By Ed Soja 1 April 2014, Build 141

When residential buildings have a wall less than 1 m (or sometimes 5 m) from the boundary, there are requirements for the boundary walls to have specific fire resistance ratings (FRR) and exterior surface finishes.

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Retrofitting a home sprinkler system

By James Firestone 1 February 2010, Build 116, Feature article

Sprinkler systems are proven to control fires and minimise damage. Developments in technology mean that home sprinkler systems can be a viable addition to homes of all ages, as this example of a system designed for an 1891 villa demonstrates.

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Boundary wall fire resistance rating

By John Grant 1 October 2020, Build 180

Controlling fire spread between residential buildings and outbuildings is important for protecting life and property. We recap the requirements and look at an area of confusion – fire rating of windows and doors in walls close to a boundary.

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