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Slab edge insulation

By Bruce Sedcole 1 June 2023, Build 196

May Day, 1 May 2023, saw most of the recent new h1 updates move from their transition phase to become the sole h1 Acceptable Solution compliance paths available to architects and designers of all our housing and buildings up to 300 m².

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H1 and sloping truss roof options

By Alide Elkink 1 August 2022, Build 191

Roof construction R-values will increase to R6.6 when New Zealand Building Code Acceptable Solution H1/AS1 5th edition becomes mandatory on 1 May 2023 (6 months later than first announced). Have you thought about how you will deal with these changes in your designs?

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Rule of thumb 1: Increase insulation

By Greg Burn 1 June 2022, Build 190

BRANZ modelling identified six areas for designers to focus on to reduce the carbon footprint of a new build. In the first of this series, we look at the practical considerations for designers using rule of thumb 1 Increase construction R-values.

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SIPs for faster construction

By Anna Walsh, David Carradine 1 October 2021, Build 186, Feature article

Building systems that include higher levels of prefabrication and off-site manufacture are potential solutions to New Zealand’s urgent housing need. Current research will give a better overall understanding of the performance of sips in New Zealand.

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