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Common maintenance issues

By Sarah Symon 1 June 2022, Build 190, Feature article

Property inspections carried out when a house goes on the market regularly turn up a whole range of problems. Some could have been found and fixed earlier if regular home maintenance had been carried out.

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Retrofitting insulation

By Ann Galloway 1 February 2015, Build 146

Making additions or alterations to an older home can provide an opportunity to improve its thermal performance. However, installing insulation to maximise the benefits is not always as straightforward as it might seem.

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Maintenance insights

By Vicki White 1 June 2017, Build 160, Feature article

Independent assessors carrying out the 2015/16 BRANZ House Condition Survey rated one-fifth of our housing stock as poorly maintained. Where are the problems areas, and why is maintenance being deferred?

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Apartment upgrade

By Roman Jaques 1 June 2016, Build 154, Feature article

BRANZ Is monitoring an ageing Wellington City Council apartment block during a major upgrade to establish building performance and occupier satisfaction. This will give valuable advice for other apartment upgrades.

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