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Selecting roof claddings

By Alide Elkink 1 December 2008, Build 109, Feature article

Given the many design and statutory requirements for roofing, and the large range of claddings available in today’s market, how do we select the right roofing for a building?

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Roof drainage design

By Greg Burn 1 October 2009, Build 114

The roof on a new building needs to be more than just aesthetically appealing and able to keep the building weathertight – it must also effectively collect and dispose of rainwater.

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Adding eaves

By Trevor Pringle 1 August 2012, Build 131

A common feature of many leaky buildings is that they were constructed without eaves, usually with walls terminating with a parapet. Changing this design detail can greatly enhance a building’s weathertightness.

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Designing to beat the heat

By Trevor Pringle 1 February 2018, Build 164

Don’t underestimate the importance of good design and orientation in determining how well a home invites in winter sun while dealing with peak summer heat. For established homes, there are also retrofitting options.

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