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Preparing for natural hazards

By Ian Page 1 April 2016, Build 153, Feature article

BRANZ has done a lot of work on the costs and benefits of mitigating common natural hazards in housing. While some options are cost-effective, others hardly justify the expenditure.

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Apartment upgrade

By Roman Jaques 1 June 2016, Build 154, Feature article

BRANZ Is monitoring an ageing Wellington City Council apartment block during a major upgrade to establish building performance and occupier satisfaction. This will give valuable advice for other apartment upgrades.

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Hidden cost of not maintaining

By Verney Ryan 1 October 2016, Build 156, Feature article

When 14 homes were assessed in Tamaki, Auckland, it was clear the poor condition of many had been costly in financial and health terms. It’s a lesson in why putting off maintenance is a bad idea.

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