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Designed for all ages

By Kay Saville-Smith 1 February 2012, Build 128, Feature article

Homes designed to meet the lifetime needs of occupants, needn’t take up more space. In fact, all age groups, especially children and the elderly, stand to benefit from a house that is carefully planned.

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House designs that last a lifetime

By Helena Coolen 1 February 2010, Build 116, Feature article

Older people are staying in their homes longer, but unfortunately, houses often aren’t designed to suit their changing needs and renovations are needed for them to remain at home. Lifetime design is a way of designing houses to meet the needs of New Zealanders today and tomorrow.

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Rethinking universal design

By Roman Jaques 1 October 2013, Build 138, Feature article

The construction industry’s reluctance to embrace universal design was one topic up for discussion at the inaugural New Zealand Universal Design Conference held earlier this year in Auckland.

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Designing for place

By Dael Climo 1 June 2021, Build 184

Dr Crystal Filep is Urban Design Manager at Wellington City Council at a time the city is changing – becoming both denser and more populous while also greener and safer.

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