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Deciding on different details

By Alide Elkink 1 December 2006, Build 97

From time to time, the BRANZ Helpline receives calls querying the differences between details shown in E2/AS1 and the BRANZ ‘weathertight solutions’ books. To understand the differences between the two documents, it is necessary to understand the role each plays.

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Alternative Solutions

By Des Molloy 1 June 2007, Build 100

It is virtually impossible to build using only the Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods given by the Department of Building and Housing in its Compliance Documents. So, what is an Alternative Solution and how do the building consent authorities assess and consent them?

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By Roger Shelton 1 October 2007, Build 102

When I began my engineering career, an old builder told me that the rule for lintels was ¾ inch depth per foot of span. Things have changed a bit since then…

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Professional careers start at university

By Werner Osterhaus 1 October 2007, Build 102, Feature article

Most professional building careers will require university study and local universities have a range of offerings. Here we look at Victoria University’s School of Architecture Bachelor’s degrees which provide grounding for later professional registration.

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