Each Build offers in-depth insights into two topics of interest to the building and construction industry.

Build193 Feature Two Hero

Feature section: Health and safety

Build 193

Tradies are being taught they shouldn't have to suffer the aches
and pains that typically seem to come with the job.

Build193 Feature One Hero

Feature section: Sustainability

Build 193

Data shows few are building sustainable homes, yet with climate
change a reality and new regulations, this is set to change.

B192 Feature One Hero Spread2

Feature section: Resilience

Build 192

Resilient people, resilient buildings, resilient businesses. As we deal with ambiguity, shocks and change, we need resilience on many levels. What are some of the challenges and solutions?

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Feature section: Fire safety

Build 191

The growth in higher-density housing and changes as we build for climate change are driving research projects to ensure the fire safety of our buildings.

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Feature section: Procurement

Build 191

The long tail of COVID-19 is ensuring that problems with the supply chain continue. It’s time to look for solutions, including using fresh strategies and rethinking aspects from material choice to accelerating innovative building methods.

B190 Feature One Hero Spread

Feature section: Achieving quality

Build 190

It is universally agreed that a house built to higher standards than the Building Code is better to live in, healthier and more comfortable. All New Zealanders can be winners when regulators, designers and builders work together to achieve quality buildings

Build190 Feature2

Feature section: Maintenance

Build 190

Lack of maintenance not only devalues a property, it can adversely affect the lives of people who live there.


Feature section: Celebrating success

Build 189

Success comes in many forms and offers insight for others to follow. We take a brief moment to celebrate and learn from some local and global successes.


Feature section: Concrete, steel and timber

Build 189

Innovations in materials technology are bringing changes for our mainstay building materials – concrete, steel and timber. With their different characteristics, they all have a place in buildings.


Feature section: Building for climate change

Build 188

Changes are coming for everyone across the building system as the design and construction of buildings adjust to meet our climate change targets.