Registrar’s update

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We are a good way into a busy 2019. i hope that you are back to full operation.

IT IS CLEAR that the industry is extremely busy with the continuing record levels of consents being issued. These times can be challenging and call for ongoing attention to the fundamentals essential for quality delivery.

In this Build, our first article highlights the responsibilities of LBPs working under labour-only contracts. Some think this type of contract reduces their regulatory obligations. However, as an LBP, there are some obligations that apply regardless of what kind of contract you have.

This myth-busting two-part series will cover some of the common mistakes that can arise when being complacent under a labour-only contract. Part one explores the difference between liability and accountability and what your non-negotiable responsibilities are regarding building consents.

Our second article tackles MBIE’s response to the growing number of new building products available on the market and the risk of poor quality control. An investigation process has been set up to consider complaints of building products that do not comply with the New Zealand Building Code. The article outlines the purpose of investigations and the part you can play to expose problem building products. Thanks for reading, until next time.

Wayne Burroughs
Registrar Building Practitioner Licensing

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