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Fire safety for densified housing

By Kevin Frank 1 October 2020, Build 180, Feature article

As our housing becomes more densified, do current fire safety controls need to change to keep people safe from fire? A new BRANZ research programme is looking at this, focusing initially on fire resistance and fire spread.

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Fire-safe use of timber

By George Hare 1 August 2022, Build 191, Feature article

As the push for more timber construction continues because of its low carbon attributes, further research into the fire safety of timber products is important. Recent BRANZ projects added to the available knowledge.

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Fire resistance of tall buildings

By Dr Colleen Wade, Greg Baker 1 August 2022, Build 191, Feature article

There are many benefits from a focus on quality in construction. At the practical level, there are fewer call-backs and more satisfied clients. Beyond that, higher-quality buildings deliver healthier environments for living and working. At the top level, they can be inspirational.

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