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Out of sight, out of mind!

By Mark Jones 1 October 2006, Build 96, Feature article

The BRANZ 2005 House Condition Survey points to many Kiwis still being overly optimistic about the state of their homes, while ignoring basic maintenance. So, despite an overall improvement in the housing stock, many of the old problems persist.

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House condition matters

By Vicki White 1 October 2016, Build 156, Feature article

Early results from the latest House Condition Survey indicate the continued presence of mould in over half the properties. This is bad news, as evidence links mould and damp houses with poor health and social wellbeing.

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Keeping homes up to scratch

By Ian Page 1 April 2013, Build 135, Feature article

Most New Zealand houses need more upkeep than they are getting. Income and the length of home ownership show up in BRANZ research as factors in how well homes are maintained.

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Warmer, drier, healthier buildings

By Mark Jones 1 December 2018, Build 169, Feature article

BRANZ’S Warmer, drier, healthier buildings programme is making progress on understanding how living environments affect our health. Collaborative research is delivering notable outcomes, and this looks set to continue.

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Costly to delay repairs

By Ian Page 1 June 2017, Build 160, Feature article

The cost of maintaining a home can be high, but delaying essential work means it will cost much more in the long term. There’s evidence many properties aren’t being kept up to scratch.

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