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The greater good

By Professor Andrew Barrie 1 June 2022, Build 190

Professor Andrew Barrie from the University of Auckland says that developing people’s understanding – their literacy – about architecture can only lead to a better built environment. He’s part of a group encouraging this by producing maps and books that show what ‘good’ looks like.

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Australia acts to address quality

By Katrina Fox 1 June 2022, Build 190, Feature article

In Australia, New South Wales has dealt with low public confidence in the design and construction of large multi-residential complexes by introducing legislation to ensure safe, compliant buildings. Could some of their changes be helpful here?

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Design critical to intensification

By Rob Guild 1 June 2022, Build 190, Feature article

Rob Guild, Principal Architect, Buchan, says that, as housing intensification in Aotearoa New Zealand increases, we should be looking to well-designed cities such as Melbourne to ensure we achieve quality and avoid poor design and urban amenity.

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Black mags or better insulation?

By Trevor Pringle 1 June 2019, Build 172, Feature article

Customers expect options with different prices and benefits when buying anything from cars to fridges. Why don’t we offer clients options to achieve a better-performing home? They can get many benefits for little extra cost.

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Ongoing issues

By Michael Nuth 1 August 2020, Build 179, Feature article

Rather than being confined to the 1990s and 2000s, stakeholders BRANZ surveyed believe the problem of weathertightness failures in homes is ongoing and possible solutions go far wider than building design.

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Nailing the fit

By Trevor Pringle 1 June 2018, Build 166, Feature article

Builders shouldn’t make do with a poor fit as this can bring a range of problems. If the fit is less than perfect, what amount of variation can be tolerated before rework is required?

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Independent design management

By Michael Nuth 1 June 2022, Build 190, Feature article

Independent design managers are increasingly being brought in to oversee complex construction projects. A recent BRANZ study asked whether performance benchmarks need to be established for this currently unregulated field.

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Eyeing building quality

By Matthew Curtis 1 June 2018, Build 166, Feature article

Quality issues in housing can range from relatively minor aesthetic problems to those likely to have serious long-term performance impacts. BRANZ has been talking to industry experts and clients to identify issues and suggest improvements to the process.

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