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Preparing for the future

By Dr Casimir MacGregor 1 December 2017, Build 163, Feature article

One of the strategic research areas in NSC 11 is Transforming the building industry. What will this look like? Focus groups have shared their insights and ideas on how best to address issues facing the construction industry.

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Gauging the appeal

By Arthur Grimes 1 February 2019, Build 170, Feature article

A National Science Challenge study has looked at why some places are better to live and do business in. Lessons from this could help other towns and cities improve their economic viability and liveability.

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Building to thrive at density

By Ruth Berry 1 December 2021, Build 187, Feature article

The shape of our neighbourhoods is set to change even more with recent announcements making it easier to build multiple dwellings up to 3 storeys. How we do this will contribute to the ability of our communities to thrive rather than just survive.

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Putting knowledge into action

By John Tookey 1 December 2017, Build 163, Feature article

While it’s agreed the construction industry needs root and branch transformation, for this to happen, government will need to take the lead and companies will need to be incentivised to do things differently.

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