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In-home ventilation systems

By Joanna Jackson 1 December 2006, Build 97

The recent cold and wet winter has left many homeowners wondering if they should install a ventilation system to help reduce condensation and dampness in their homes. As always, it’s a matter of choosing the right system – one that is effective and efficient for your situation.

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Agents of change

By Nigel Isaacs 1 June 2014, Build 142, Feature article

New Zealanders are a resourceful lot, always exploring new and better ways of doing things. We look back in time at two distinctly Kiwi twists on ways of building.

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Airtightness trends (part 2)

By Stephen McNeil 1 August 2018, Build 167

In the last Build, we looked at airtightness, how to measure it and the positives and negatives of being leaky or airtight. Now we consider how controlled infiltration makes ventilation design easier and the resulting savings.

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Airtightness of apartments

By Greg Overton 1 October 2020, Build 180, Feature article

Recent BRANZ research into the airtightness of apartment buildings has prompted a shift in thinking around airtightness and ventilation. BRANZ now recommends that residential buildings are mechanically ventilated and are built to an airtightness target.

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Measuring airflows

By Dr Manfred Plagmann 1 February 2016, Build 152, Feature article

Ventilation systems in New Zealand homes rarely have their airflows measured and adjusted during installation, resulting in poorly ventilated rooms. Using active flow hoods during commissioning could change this.

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