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BEES buzzing

By Nigel Isaacs 1 February 2010, Build 116

Two years in, the BRANZ Building Energy End-use Study (BEES) is gearing up for a phone survey of non-residential buildings, monitoring of energy use and the development of improved thermal simulation models.

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Changing models

By Shaan Cory, Lynda Amitrano 1 December 2014, Build 145, Feature article

Prototype models developed from bees data are helping to make energy modelling of commercial buildings easier, allowing building designers to concentrate more on the building’s design parameters.

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Zero-energy buildings

By Alan Barbour 1 August 2008, Build 107, Feature article

Projects are underway in several countries on new towns and communities with zero-energy goals. In Singapore, Beca has been appointed to provide consulting engineering and project management services for a ground-breaking retrofit project.

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Turning solar for water heating

By Andrew Pollard 1 August 2008, Build 107, Feature article

As electricity shortages and increasing energy costs hit home, interest is growing in renewable energy sources, like the sun. A recent 3-year study identified some issues around solar water heating and found the key is getting the installation right.

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Household energy use

By Greg Overton 1 October 2019, Build 174, Feature article

How much energy we use affects carbon emissions, making it important to know current levels of household energy use. BRANZ’s HEEP project looked into this but technology changes means it may be time to revisit.

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