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Precast concrete floors project

By Angela Liu 1 August 2019, Build 173, Feature article

A national research programme looking into precast concrete floor performance in earthquakes is likely to result in revised guidelines for seismic assessment and retrofit of buildings with precast floors.

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Is that concrete floor dry yet?

By Neil Lee 1 February 2006, Build 92, Feature article

Fresh concrete contains significiant water which evaporates over time. Installing floor coverings on the floor slab before it’s dry is a recipe for disaster, so how do you know if it’s dry enough?

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Concrete slabs and control joints

1 August 2005, Build 89

Concrete shrinks as it sets and will continue to shrink for at least 12 months after placing, depending on drying conditions. About 50% of the shrinkage occurs within the first 4 months.

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