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Cities in flux

By Phil Stewart 1 December 2013, Build 139, Feature article

New Zealand is on the cusp of our largest-ever construction activity. While our two largest cities face some similar challenges, Christchurch has the exciting opportunity for a clean-slate renewal.

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Government’s plans for housing

1 October 2018, Build 168, Feature article

The Hon Phil Twyford, Minister of Housing and Urban Development, tells Build about ways the government is going to change the housing sector, including the addition of a stand-alone ministry.

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Concerns with changes to ITOs

By Dael Climo 1 August 2019, Build 173, Feature article

The government plans to shake up vocational education and training. The building industry has voiced some concerns over the proposals, which are now being reviewed, and final changes will be announced soon.

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Plan to transform

By Hon. Jenny Salesa 1 December 2019, Build 175, Feature article

While the construction sector is a significant contributor to the New Zealand economy, it faces a raft of issues. The government and construction sector are tackling these, setting out a detailed plan to transform the industry.

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Other industry players

1 April 2009, Build 111, Feature article

The following is a BRANZ perspective on some of the many other organisations that have roles to play in the building and construction industry.

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Contrasting demands

1 December 2013, Build 139, Feature article

The Auckland and Christchurch housing markets are often mentioned together when rising house prices are discussed, but in reality, the housing markets of the two cities are changing in very different ways.

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Bringing people into construction

By Hon. Jenny Salesa 1 August 2019, Build 173, Feature article

Major work is under way to tackle some of the institutional problems facing the construction industry. From changes to the Building Act, an examination of where the sector is headed and initiatives to deal with the skills shortage, change is happening.

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