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Gauging the appeal

By Arthur Grimes 1 February 2019, Build 170, Feature article

A National Science Challenge study has looked at why some places are better to live and do business in. Lessons from this could help other towns and cities improve their economic viability and liveability.

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Vibrant cities

By Sue Evans 1 April 2019, Build 171

Sue Evans, Urban Design Manager for Housing New Zealand, says density done well can make towns and cities enviable and help communities thrive.

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Maori identity in urban design

By Alex Kitson 1 February 2019, Build 170, Feature article

Māori urban design is an exciting new approach to urban development in New Zealand that comes from an awareness among planners and architects of the strong cultural, social and physical benefits it provides.

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Christchurch gets smart

By Michael Healy 1 December 2019, Build 175, Feature article

Christchurch has grabbed the opportunity to change the built environment for the better and is harnessing 21st century technology as an exemplar of how a smart city can function.

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