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Benefits of modern cohousing

By James Berghan 1 December 2021, Build 187, Feature article

As development in Aotearoa’s cities intensifies, so too does the need to encourage diverse building and living solutions. While cohousing remains a relatively niche housing model in Aotearoa, what could it look like if it was the norm?

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A better view

By Ian Pike 1 December 2021, Build 187, Feature article

Ian Pike, CEO of UDINZ, says that, while our natural environment is beautiful, the same can’t be said for our urban development. He imagines what life would be like if our cities were green, compact, diverse and connected.

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A tale of two cities

By Mark Southcombe 1 December 2021, Build 187, Feature article

Young Europeans enjoy the security of affordable city dwelling, while in Aotearoa New Zealand, housing is prohibitively expensive with few options. The difference lies with cooperative housing – a model that should urgently be introduced here.

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Quality medium density

By Haylea Muir 1 December 2021, Build 187, Feature article

The benefits of medium-density housing such as connectedness, a sense of wellbeing and diversity should be celebrated as we move away from mostly building stand-alone homes in far-flung suburbs. The key is well-designed developments done well.

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