Urban development

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Community for the future

By Katja Lietz 1 October 2010, Build 120, Feature article

The development of the former Hobsonville Air Base in northwest Auckland into a sustainable coastal community highlights the benefits of a comprehensively planned urban development that takes a partnership approach.

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Maori identity in urban design

By Alex Kitson 1 February 2019, Build 170, Feature article

Māori urban design is an exciting new approach to urban development in New Zealand that comes from an awareness among planners and architects of the strong cultural, social and physical benefits it provides.

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Supporting heavy windows

By Stuart Thurston 1 February 2011, Build 122

Heavier windows and drained and vented wall cavities mean loadings from windows are often offset from the timber framing. Recent BRANZ research checked that a modified support bar system can transfer the load back to the framing to prevent problems.

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