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Wall underlay installation

By Greg Burn 1 August 2009, Build 113

Wall underlay plays an important role in the weathertightness of exterior wall assemblies in light timber-framed residential buildings, yet often it is poorly installed. Getting it right can be as simple as 1, 2, 3.

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Lintels under gable ends

By Roger Shelton 1 December 2018, Build 169

At BRANZ, we often get asked if it’s necessary to have a lintel over an opening in a wall under a gable end where the gable framing may be able to span the opening without support from the lintel. Here’s our advice.

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It’s not worth the risk

By Trevor Pringle 1 June 2018, Build 166

The weather’s not good but the job needs finishing. Is it worth the builder taking a risk and using a flexible wall underlay as temporary weather protection to carry on with work that needs to be kept dry? BRANZ has no doubt that the answer is no.

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High-performance domestic walls

By David Hindley 1 February 2021, Build 182

Wall design will play a key role in the improved thermal performance of new houses as we move toward net-zero carbon construction. One recent research project found problems with current wall construction, but another developed high-performance details that take us a leap ahead.

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