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Stopping slips and falls

By Trevor Pringle 1 October 2007, Build 102

Within New Zealand homes a slip, trip or fall injury occurs every 3 minutes. This affects around 400,000 adults and children each year – that’s more than all sports and road injuries. Using the right surface could prevent many of these.

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Wind pressure 101

By Roger Shelton 1 October 2009, Build 114

You could be forgiven for getting the wind up about wind speeds, pressures and zones, but don’t worry. Here, we go back to basics to explain how they relate to one another.

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Looks aren’t everything

By Hugh Byrd and Eva Nash 1 June 2012, Build 130, Feature article

Houses that win architectural awards are often widely admired and highly influential. However, recent research has found that, typically, they aren’t good environmental performers. As leaders in the industry, shouldn’t they be?

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BRANZ weathertightness poster

1 April 2004, Build 81

In the August/September 2002 edition of Build you would have received the BRANZ weathertightness poster. This column takes a detail from the poster and provides a ‘good practice’ solution to it.

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Horizontal cladding joints

By Trevor Pringle 1 August 2004, Build 83

For many cladding materials the horizontal joints are dealt with in the design of the cladding itself, e.g. weatherboards. This article is concerned about those claddings that need horizontal joints to accommodate movement or sheet size.

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