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Future-proofing the supply chain

By David Hindley 1 August 2022, Build 191, Feature article

Problems in the materials supply chain have brought unprecedented stress to the industry and are a contributing cause to over 100 building companies tipping into liquidation this year. The government is proposing a 30-year freight and supply chain strategy as a solution.

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BRANZ project procurement process

By Hugh Mackenzie 1 June 2011, Build 124

The BRANZ redevelopment shows how even smaller projects can be complex. An early challenge was identifying the best procurement process to ensure the project would be delivered on time, within budget and to the required specialist quality.

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Cost clarity assured

By Marilyn Moffatt 1 June 2016, Build 154, Feature article

Preparing a schedule of quantities for commercial construction projects may seem like an added expense, but experts say this will be recovered by the ability to have good cost control throughout the project.

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