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Concerns with changes to ITOs

By Dael Climo 1 August 2019, Build 173, Feature article

The government plans to shake up vocational education and training. The building industry has voiced some concerns over the proposals, which are now being reviewed, and final changes will be announced soon.

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Professional careers start at university

By Werner Osterhaus 1 October 2007, Build 102, Feature article

Most professional building careers will require university study and local universities have a range of offerings. Here we look at Victoria University’s School of Architecture Bachelor’s degrees which provide grounding for later professional registration.

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Skills maintenance

1 April 2012, Build 129, Feature article

Becoming a licensed building practitioner adds a further responsibility – licence holders must keep up their skills and knowledge through continuous professional development.

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Building a good apprentice

By Andrew Robertson 1 April 2014, Build 141, Feature article

The employer of an award-winning apprentice says it’s about getting the right person and training them well, and once they’ve got the skills, it’s knowledge that can be passed on to the next apprentice to sign up.

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Mapping roles

By Tara McDonald, Lee Bint 1 February 2015, Build 146

Interested in building and construction industry roles but not sure what qualifications are needed or how to progress up the ladder? BRANZ is developing a career map to help make the path clearer.

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Tradespeople in demand as licensing looms

By Ian Page 1 December 2006, Build 97, Feature article

Workloads in the industry are at historically high levels, creating a strong demand for skilled labour. Looking forward, what effect will building practitioner licensing have on workloads and how many workers will it affect?

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