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Readers’ Q & A

By Trevor Pringle 1 December 2013, Build 139

In the 2013 Build Readers’ Survey, we asked, ‘what topics would you like to see covered in Build?’ We had 305 suggestions, but the good news is BRANZ has already covered many of these.

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Homes that go further

By Lois Easton 1 December 2013, Build 139, Feature article

A new building system is looking to go well beyond the Building Code. It promises quick and accurate off-site construction together with warm, healthy, energy-efficient living and lower running costs for homeowners.

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Cities in flux

By Phil Stewart 1 December 2013, Build 139, Feature article

New Zealand is on the cusp of our largest-ever construction activity. While our two largest cities face some similar challenges, Christchurch has the exciting opportunity for a clean-slate renewal.

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Complaints against LBPs

By Karen Shaw 1 December 2013, Build 139

Complaints laid against licensed building practitioners should be treated seriously. There is a formal process to hear the complaint, and to date, there is only one reported instance of an appeal against a finding.

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Free-standing timber decks

By Alide Elkink 1 December 2013, Build 139

In some situations a free-standing deck or platform may be a simpler solution than an attached deck. Although the design requirements for both are generally the same, there are some differences to consider.

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Contrasting demands

1 December 2013, Build 139, Feature article

The Auckland and Christchurch housing markets are often mentioned together when rising house prices are discussed, but in reality, the housing markets of the two cities are changing in very different ways.

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Seismic assessment

By Win Clark 1 December 2013, Build 139

Following the Canterbury earthquakes, a new term has come into everyday language - Percentage New Building Standard. But is this the best way to characterise a building's earthquake performance?

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